Veterans Information

We have created this page for our Veterans and their families, too better understand the death benefits they are entitled to as a United States Veteran. We thank you for your service.

As a Veteran what benefits am I entitled too?

1. Burial in a VA Cemetery.
2. Opening and Closing of Grave at VA Cemetery.
3. Perpetual care of grave site at VA Cemetery.
4. Grave liner for casket burials at VA Cemetery.
5. Headstone or Grave Marker.
6. Burial Flag.
7. Presidential Memorial Certificate.
8. Military Honors at the funeral.
9. Grave for Spouse or dependent children in VA cemetery with veteran.
10. Some Veterans may also qualify for a monetary burial allowance.
(Click this link to see qualifications.)

All of these benefits are provided to the family of the deceased veteran at no charge. Our dedicated staff will take care of filing and applying for all the benefits that the veteran is entitled on the family's behalf.

** See veteran benefits available for burial in a non-VA cemetery below**

What information do I need to provide Simmons Funeral Home?

We will need a copy of your discharge paperwork, formally known as the DD-214 form. If you are making pre-arrangements with us our staff will take a copy of this to hold on file for when needed. If you have lost your discharge papers you can apply for a new one by clicking the link below:

Request new DD-214

Saratoga National Cemetery is sacred solemn ground and final resting place for the brave men and women of our community that have served our country courageously. The cemetery allows the veteran and family to choose from a few options in regards to their final wishes.

1. Traditional Casket Burial 

The Cemetery will provide the grave opening and closing, a grave liner, perpetual care of the grave site, headstone/marker and grave for spouse and/or dependent children at no charge to the family. The cemetery will also provide the family with a memorial inscription application which allows the family to add a religious emblem (Ex. Plain Cross) and additional personalized inscription to the headstone. (For both the veteran and spouse)

2. Columbarium Wall or Garden Niche

For those veterans who choose cremation as final disposition they will have the option to have their urn placed in the columbarium wall or buried in the garden niche. The columbarium wall will accomadate the urn of the veteran and their spouse and will also be inscribed just like a traditional veteran marker would be. The Garden Niche allows veterans who choose cremation to have their urn and sposues urn buried and marked with a flat granite marker

Saratoga National Cemetery Funeral Schedule

Saratoga National is open for funeral services Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm. Funerals are scheduled in 30 minute increments throughout the day and the cemetery does not bury on weekends or holidays.

When arriving at the cemetery the funeral procession will yield to the right of the main entrance and wait to be greeted by the cemetery staff. There is a pavilion at the main entrance which has restrooms for use prior to the service time permitting. After the cemetery staff greets the family they will lead the funeral procession around to the funeral shelter where services will be held (pictured below).

The cemetery shelter will have seating for about 20 people and the rest of the patrons in attendance will remain standing for the services. To begin the services the Cemetery Honor Guard will fire their rifles for the "21 Gun Salute" which will then be followed by the playing of Taps. The military honors will then conclude with the folding and presentation of the American Flag to the next-of-kin. Funeral services will then conclude with a brief prayer or non-religious message by a clergy member or the funeral director. At the conclusion of the services it is important to remember to leave in a timely manner as there will be another funeral waiting at the entrance to be guided over to the same funeral shelter. Military Honors will be provided by the Saratoga National Honor Guard which is comprised of retired veterans who volunteer their time and services to honor their fallen comrades. Our staff can also make arrangements to have active duty military personnel present from the branch of service that the deceased veteran served.

Veteran Burial Benefits for non-VA Cemetery

  1. Grave Marker (Bronze or Granite Flat Marker)
  2. Burial Flag
  3. Presidential Memorial Certificate
  4. Military Honors
  5. Some Veterans may also qualify for a monetary burial allowance. (Click this link to see qualifications.)

‚Äč Our staff will fill out all of the paperwork and applications necessary to provide all of these benefits to the veteran and their family. Some cemeteries may charge an installation fee for the veteran's marker.

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